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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

War at Sea

For a few years now a bunch of us guys have been playing War at Sea (WaS) on a semi regular to sporadic basis, since the last game we had, and the end of the campaign we were playing the group went and pursued various interests and we sort of drifted apart - any way to cut to the chase i got an email the other week saying one of the guys off the WaS  forums was going to be holidaying here in west oz and might be keen for a game, was i interested - Hell Yeah!!!
so ive pulled out 200pts of US of A and am getting ready to play this coming sunday my force at this stage consists of;

Hellcat x2
San Diego
Kidd x2
Edsall x2
Jeremiah O'Brien

It is a 1943 build, and built to our house rule OOB which is for each 1 Capital, you must have 1 Cruiser, you must have 2 Destroyers etc etc
Im taking the camera for the battle so expect some pics after sunday

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