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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Diplomatic Breakdown

So here we go this is the preamble to this blog which will continue in force in 13'
my aim here is to document my experience playing, painting, modelling in Bolt Action.
The Home Office will ensure that all reports are forwarded and that the Propaganda Dept will make sure that everyone is provided  with up to date footage and stills from the front!

So the War is upon us - What are you going to do soldier?


Update 22/12/12
I haven't posted for a few days now, the last of my orders arrived and now complete been busy assembling my US forces - i have to say I'm still 50/50 on the Warlord models the plastics (although tricky/fiddly) are great, but I'm finding their metal to be lacking sometimes.
I ordered a sniper, the only one i could find and its just yuck!!! to me a sniper has to be a pivotal piece on the field yet the one i have is sitting on his ass doing SFA!!! I'm probably going to bin him and modify a plastic.

My Chaffee went together so so well it is a beautiful model, very little flash and not much clean up needed (even the mold remnants between the tracks and  wheels could of stayed if i wanted a "muddy" look).

The rest of the models went together well and I'm progressing well, I've started  to compile a paint list need to go and buy the colours i don't have - I have only 20 more men to assemble and my 1000pt's are ready to go and im hoping to get a few games in this summer between painting and making terrain.

I'm really excited to be back into some WWII gaming its been a long long time since my 1/72nd scale battles graced the table, and this new 28mm scale is perfect for a quick afternoon game, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Japanese lists on the 4th of Jan and I will need to make a decision between them or Soviets as my next force (the Soviets are close to my heart, having played them at 1/72nd scale many years ago, but the Japanese will make a Pacific opponent for my US force and make more sense - so i have to choose between Heart or Sense). I almost fell over earlier today was "talking" to the missus about spending more money on gaming and she surprised me by agreeing that i need new paint, foam for scenery, and some rubber sheeting for road sections - i was flabbergasted!!!

So to wrap up this update the US war-machine is steaming ahead my specialists are all undercoated and if i had the paint for the webbing, helmet's, and HBT's i would be painting tonight instead of updating this. I will post some pics of my WIP soon.

Anyway i will wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy New year


I have been painting over the festive break (between work and family that is) I have finished my first team! my US FAO here is 2 pics

Hopefully i will get better with the camera as i go...
I also got some off-cut vinyl tile from work so im in the process of making a "white box", now all i need is to get my lighting worked out


Well some new arrivals for the new year, two days down and two teams/units done without further ado 
The M24 Chaffee

   And supported by a MMG Team
So I'm off to a flying start this year, even had time for a side track
More to come as they are painted

I have just finished 500pts, so while im painting the next 500pts i thought i would try and get some games in, anyways here is a pic

Holy tuxedo's Batman - or what a weekend!!!
Rant time...
Well to start there goes over $100 down the drain, In December i committed to a tournament and supplying some of the terrain,  i ordered a heap of terrain and bought some modelling stuff for said terrain anyways i have spent the last 2 weeks basing and painting the terrain only to find out Sunday morning when i wake up my terrain is no longer required - So there goes precious time and money that could of been spent on more figures and painting the army! grrr...

Just going over my list for said tournament, thinking i only had about a dozen men to go and i find i have under calculated, I now have an extra 10-12 men to assemble and paint! grr...

So i was planning on getting a game in on Wednesday but this week is now going to be flat out assembling the shortfall and hopefully getting them ready by the end of the month - at least i can put the terrain on hold though most of it is almost complete, im just hoping i can get most of the assembly done by Thursday (pay day) so that if i need to order some extra models i can asap.


Hirst Arts
My order should be here in a few days and i have one squad left to paint, so I'm hoping that i can finish them by the time my parcel arrives!
I have big plans for this I have put a 20kg bag of casting plaster waiting for me at work and once ive got the molds a mass casting is in order
the plans are for an entire city/town with bridges and such.

Well suprise suprise my molds arrived today!!! i have to say very impressed they are not what i was expecting they much better, I had this image of them being a "Bit" big but they appear to be a right fit for my BA table - look out gothic city on the way...

Bricks, Paint, and Planes
with said Hirst molds here now i have been casting like crazy, to little avail! it would seem I am going to be casting for ages to get enough blocks to build what i want - oh well keep the tally rolling
made some interesting experiments the plaster, after several web searches i gave up trying to add colour to the blocks. Food colouring didn't work!, Acrylic paint didn't work - I had given up when by chance one of my customers at work was asking me about molds and plaster and such and he suggested I try an oxide powder, so off I trot down to Bunnings (Bunnings is a large chain Hardware here in Oz) and got me a black oxide - i will report later this week if this works.

Painting, I have been painting my ass off this week i have all my regs done and now only need to finish 2 MMG teams and we are done over 1000pts the Yanks are 99% finished woo hoo!!!

adding to this i have glued together my P38 Lightning which im using as my Airstrike model, needs a bit of green stuff to fill some gaps and then get an undercoat on Tuesday after i have visited the local hobby shop to get some acrylic rod for the stand.

so yeah been a lot quiet on the blog, but all to a good endevour - the completion of my U.S force, i will post a group pic once they are finished.

gripe for the night!!! Amazon and Ebay - have to say im tired of dicks who find it too hard to post outside of America, come on people! fuck its not hard to get an air quote and i really wouldn't mind paying extra to get it here! really finding the lack of Howitzer equipped AFV models to be frustrating Tamiya did a StuG III with the StuH 42 option, and dont even try looking for a 105 Sherman.


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