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Friday, 14 December 2012


So we have a tournament here in Perth in March, so while I'm waiting for my orders to arrive i thought i would knock up some terrain - first up some trees

So here is a step by step
First off i start with an old CD, I then using PVA glue some thin card (I use pattern making paper from the local Spotlight store)
I usually leave them overnight to dry with something heavy to press them down while drying.
(I should note here that i found through trial and error that glueing the paper onto the "data" side works best as there is a slight ridge around the center hole on that side)

Next step i add my texture coat, this i add to the non papered side (I should explain here that when the paper dries it creates a slight warping of the disc, forming a slight dome)
 The next step sees me venturing into the garden to find some suitable sticks, once collected i cut them to length (what ever suits your needs) then i file the ends smooth and drill them through the middle.
Find some washers, and some of the scrap bits of card from the CD, then assemble as below

 Now assembled
And like the Texture on the CD do the same around the based, and once dry cut it out
Now you should have your disc and tree base prepared and ready to attach
In the next part i will go through the painting, flocking, and making the tuft's 
(The trees I'm using are from K&M these are quiet a few years old now)

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